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Read the Dang Report!

By September 23, 2020Uncategorized

If you’re looking to buy a home in and around Austin, Texas this fall, we have two words for you: Good Luck! The Austin real estate market is always as hot as our notorious summers, but the COVID-19 pandemic has added a competitive edge to the situation. Record low inventory combined with sky high demand creates a true sellers’ market.

While it’s not uncommon for multiple offers to result in a bidding war, we are seeing homes sell for $20-50,000 over their listing price this season. Even though we’ve been in the home inspection business for nearly 20 years, we are seeing things we’ve never seen before. Because many buyers fear they will not be able to get their desired property, they go in over asking price and with two-to-three-day option periods. To give you an idea, this time last year we saw an average of 14-21-day option periods.

As buyers make “as-is” purchases to secure their dream home, they sometimes ignore or even discard the home inspection report. Don’t make this mistake! The report is an investment in the life of your home and covers important facts you may have questions about in the future. Where’s your water heater? Look in the inspection report! How old is the HVAC? Look in the inspection report! You get the picture.

Take a tip from Randy’s toolkit and read the dang report! At the very least, you’ll learn about the status of your foundation, roof, and heating and cooling system which can help prepare for expenditures down the road.

Remember, at Barfield Home Inspection, we are licensed, trained and insured professionals who take your home inspection seriously. We don’t sugar coat things – we tell it like it is for the safety of you and your home.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @BarfieldHomeInspection for more home maintenance tips from the company that’s been telling it like it is since 2003.

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