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“Buying a house/condo/townhouse whatever is some scary and stressful business. Once I found the place in which I could see myself living for years to come, I didn’t hesitate to contact Randy from Barfield Home Inspections for my inspection. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve known Randy’s wife for a few years now, him for just a little bit less, which is why I called them. And the great Yelp reviews (thanks, Dillar for mentioning an 11-month walk through, I’d have never thought about that!).

Randy did my home inspection himself. I was running a little bit behind, so both he and my Realtor® were waiting for me when I got there. While it took a couple hours, the time flew by and Randy didn’t hesitate to answer any questions I had, even though I was following him around, curious, like a puppy.

The inspection was VERY thorough, though I don’t know what I was expecting. He checked everything, EVERYTHING. He found that the outlet to which my oven/stove was connected wasn’t properly anchored to the wall behind it. He noticed (and pointed out) that I don’t have any outlets on my back patio. He crawled up into the “attic” and found the the insulation had been shuffled around/displaced around the water heater. God forbid I ever have to go up there for anything.

It takes a brave man to do the kinds of things that Randy does.”

-Quani C.

“My husband and I spent a couple hours with Randy Barfield while he performed the inspection on the house we were contracted to buy. Randy was there at the property on time as scheduled and performed a three-hour inspection (including wood destroying insects investigation and irrigation system testing). He was very informative! He described and explained many of the house’s systems to us, answered all of our questions, and also provided suggestions on how issues could be addressed. We were very pleased with how thorough he was. He promptly emailed us his official report later on that night. The report was also informative and easy to review. A+!”

-Chris W.

“Randy was great. He personally answered our call and quoted us the lowest price of the 4 inspectors I had called. He was able to us scheduled with in just a couple of days, making sure to ask all the right questions to effectively address our home inspection needs. Randy arrived on time (actually a little early) and got right to work. During the inspection, when he found a few questionable items( drainage problem, roof damage/poor installment job) he brought us to them and pointed out the problem and suggested a few different options to fix them. After the inspection we were able to sit down with him and go through our giant list of questions, as we had many because we were buying an older home. He patiently answered our questions frequently offering ideas on how to fix the issues with more simple DIY projects if the sellers wouldn’t agree to fix them all. His ideas and patience were greatly appreciated and I would certainly recommend to new home buyers for this reason.”

-Megan M.

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