What to expect from a Barfield Home Inspection

Our honest, thorough and reliable work ethic define us here at Barfield Home Inspection. In a thriving real estate market, we are able to work side by side with realtors to serve homebuyers, set them up for closing their new home and educate them for a long, sustainable future of homeownership.

A Barfield Home Inspection Oath:

“I am a home inspector and that means I provide you a comprehensive list of details about your home so that you can make an informed decision about one of the most important decisions of your life.


I am as thorough as possible, and I can guarantee I will work my hardest to help you buy your new home. I will inspect everything I can without hurting the house or hurting me.


I will then put this comprehensive list in a detailed report for you with pictures. I make myself available so that you can ask questions at any time you may have them, day or night. I provide visuals that accurately show the details of the inspection. Our team at Barfield Home Inspection and I look forward to helping you.”

-Randy Barfield, Owner/Founder, Barfield Home Inspection