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Keep the bugs at bay!

By June 25, 2020Uncategorized

As if there wasn’t enough to be concerned about in 2020, it’s officially time to warn you: the bugs will be here soon, if they haven’t arrived yet! Thankfully, we aren’t talking murder hornets (although we advise you to be on the lookout!). While Texas is home to some real creepy crawlers, think the brown recluse, tarantula, and Texas redheaded centipede, ants and mosquitoes are more common. Even docile pests can be a nuisance to your health and your home.

Summer is peak for pests. Between warm (hot!) weather, doors opening and closing more often due to activities, and barbecues, your home may be more susceptible to pests during this time. Insects like ants, spiders and cockroaches may visit in search of food and water. In addition to spraying for pests or hiring a pest control service, follow these tips to secure your home’s perimeter and ward off crawling, flying and munching invaders:

• Clear the debris. Trash, leaves, lawn clippings and clutter around your yard can create a literal breeding ground for insects and a safe haven for other pests like snakes (eek!). Clean your gutters and keep these spaces clean to show these villains they are unwelcome.

• Seal them out. Seal any cracks and large openings around your foundation, water and gas pipes, windows, doors and cable lines. A quick shot of clear sealant will help to keep the pests out and your cool air in.

• Close your doors –  tightly. In addition to keeping exterior doors shut as much as possible, make sure your weather sealing is in good, tight condition. If you find yourself constantly running in and out to manage the grill or hop in the pool, invest in an inexpensive mesh screen door to keep the villains out.

• Go with the flow. What’s your home’s biggest enemy? Water! By eliminating water sources, you’ll help deter bugs and preserve your foundation. Consider using stone or cedar mulch close to your house. Check outdoor faucets for leaks and use gutter downspouts to help water flow away from your home.

• Give it a trim. Insects get hungry, too! Trim limbs and shrubs that grow close to your home, as these provide food sources, refuge and runways to your home for tiny critters.

These easy-to-follow weekend warrior tips can save you time and literal pain down the road. Keep the pests at bay and your home safe this summer. For more home maintenance tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Stay healthy, cool, and safe out there!

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