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Recovering from winter’s wrath

By February 13, 2020Home Maintenance Tips

Whether you experienced a little snowfall, sleet, or just a lot of rain, Central Texas has officially absorbed a lot of precipitation recently. Now that the stormy winter weather is behind us, we can’t wait to soak up the sun. Before you start celebrating, here are a few items you may want to assess around your home now that the rainwaters have subsided:

  • Wind damage. Major forces are not necessary to cause upheaval on top of your house. Moderate wind, downed trees and limbs can impact the structural integrity of your roof and gutters.
  • Hail damage. “Maybe those were just really large raindrops” are words uttered by many a hopeful Texan. Unfortunately, Texas sits at the top of the hail damage list in the United States, and Weather Underground reports that since 2008, $10 billion in hail insurance claims have been filed each year. When heavy hailstones rocket toward your home with tremendous speed and force, disaster can strike for your shingles and gutters.

The amount of damage from rain, wind and hail can vary greatly depending on a few conditions:

  • Wind direction
  • Hailstone size and density
  • Building materials (For example, hailstones can ding aluminum, crack asphalt or even puncture the roof).
  • Protection from natural barriers like other structures and large trees

When you need someone to inspect your roof and assess the damage, call Randy at Barfield Home Inspection. At Barfield Home Inspection, we’ve been telling it like it is since 2003. When you’re buying a home, we would love to be the trusted voice that can help. Give us a call today at 512-350-0123 and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates from out in the field.

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