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Trick or Treat: It’s Halloween!

By October 30, 2019Home Maintenance Tips

With the coldest Halloween in decades looming, you are likely preparing to dole out candy within the next two days. Do what you can to ensure this is a safe and happy Halloween for everyone by following these simple tips:

Clear your driveway, walkways and yard for any tripping hazards, including large sticks, rocks or toys. Eager children often let their stomachs override their eyesight, and may run through these areas without looking for obstacles. Make the evening easier for them (and yourself!) by eliminating any unnecessary barriers.

Turn up the ambiance and the lights! Aid trick-or-treaters with a well-lit pathway to candy distribution.

Let Fido have a restful evening. Despite the rise of adorable pet costumes, Halloween is not ideal for pets. Be sure your pets are housed in a safe location to reduce the likelihood of escape from the combination of a constantly ringing doorbell and opening door.

Lock your doors. Although it may be tempting to leave your door open as neighborhood children come by in a steady stream, the adage “better safe than sorry” rings true here. Unfortunately, burglaries often take place without forced entry, where a door or window is unlocked. On this holiday, avoid unwanted ghouls in your home.

Go flameless. Jack-o-lanterns are an iconic decoration for any home, but unfortunately pose a fire hazard risk. Get the same effect with a lot less worry by using flameless candles, which now come in a variety of colors and even flicker!

From the entire Barfield team, we hope you have a boo-tiful Halloween, full of tricks and treats. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest home maintenance tips, and updates on upcoming events and other news.

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